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"Tamara's skillful technique, refined taste, full interpretation of forms, and style of work are characteristic features of her performance. favouring her psychological readiness..." (nzz, switzerland)


"Ravel’s Scarbo, which most pianists fear, was played with an audacity and an incredible assurance by the young pianist Tamara Kordzadze who seemed completely in harmony with this music." (Young Soloist Festival in Montpellier)


"Tamara Kordzadze is an extremely talented musician. She possesses the rare quality of seeing length and construction in a phrase, while at the same time giving close attention to details. In addition to creating a special atmosphere, she is a wonderful human being with tremendous stage presence..." "Musical Georgia"


Critics have praised tamara’s "effortless technique," "fetching temperament" and “unusual ability to communicate in a unique way with her audience."

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