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Association Vivace


Tamara Kordzadze is the president, founder, and driving initiator of the "Vivace" association. During her childhood, she herself experienced the importance of support and affection in her musical life, which enabled her to participate in major competitions and master classes. For several years, Tamara has wished to pass on to other young georgians the help she herself had once received, and this is why her "Vivace" association emerged in 2009.


"Vivace" association has two main goals: the support of highly gifted young musicians and the support of projects for displaced children, refugees or orphans. Highly gifted musical pupils and students need to be supported by grants that help them to participate in competitions, music camps, or master classes in Georgia and abroad (including payment for the cost of such trips, accommodations, etc). A further effort to support these students’ education comes in the form of scholarships, payment of university fees, and the purchase of books, musical scores, CDs, and DVDs for school libraries. Students in particular need of financial aid shall be assisted with purchasing their instruments. 


"Vivace" plans to organize concerts of young georgian musicians in Switzerland and elsewhere, thus enhancing a cultural exchange between Switzerland and Georgia which is a special concern of her association.


"Vivace" aims to support selected projects for displaced people, refugees, orphans, sick or disabled children, and for adolescents. By financing music lessons or music therapy activities, there is the hope of giving these young people general relief and improving their situations. This association will support clearly-defined, structured aid programs and, whenever possible, function within the framework of existing programs.


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