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Youth Classics

Tamara Kordzadze is Co-founder, Board member and Head of International Relationships of the association Youth Classics. YOUTH CLASSICS is a non-profit organization, founded in 2011, that aims to support and challenge young artists from all across world.


It all started with a small association named "International Music Week Montepulciano," that Tamara Kordzadze founded together with Philip A. Draganov in 2009. Tamara Kordzadze herself experienced the importance of master classes and music festivals in a student's musical life. This enabled her to participate in major master classes and complete her pianist education with world-famous teachers. For several years, Tamara has wished to pass on to other students the help she herself had once received, this is why Association International Music Week Montepulciano emerged in 2009. 


International Music Week Montepulciano offered a 1-week festival and master classes in an exquisitely historical place that's famous for international master classes: in Italy's "Palazzo Ricci Montepulciano". Later Mr. Remo Schaelibaum joined Association “International Music Week Montepulciano” and in 2011 this association advanced under the name of “Youth Classics”.


As a board member of and The Head of International Relationships, Tamara Kordzadze made contact with numerous conservatories and music schools in order to find talented musicians from all over the world. Together with the "Lyra Foundation, Bank Vontobel, other private sponsors and the help of Mrs. Eleanore Mathier, Tamara Kordzadze began helping students who have financial problems by granting them scholarships, so that underprivileged students would be able to participate at the "Youth Classics International Music Festival and master classes”. Ms. Kordzadze also promotes them and assists them with their management issues.


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