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Personal Management  

Booking Switzerland and worldwide

Dr. Nelli Kägi

Phone: +41 76 489 82 76

As a teacher, Tamara passes on her concert experience as a piano solo and chamber music performer, in a variety of master classes, such as “Youth Classics International Music Festival and Master classes“ (Germany), and  “International Music Week Montepulciano“ (Italy), where she works with highly talented students, as well as preparing and coaching pianists who would like to make a piano career for themselves.


She is currently teaching a piano class at the “Youth Music School of Pfannenstiel” and at the “First Russian Music School,” both in Switzerland.


She loves to work with small kids as well, building up the skills of 5 year old kids and older to make them into future concert pianists. Her pupils win international and national competitions, and Tamara also organizes regular concerts for her students.



Tamara’s first edition of her 4-grades piano schoolbook, which is her piano school system of how to build up little pianists from their very first lesson, will come out soon.

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